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Calendar of Events

 Join us for a fun fill evening and learn new techniques from our demo artists!

Summer Break June, July & August 2015

Starting in the Fall of 2014 to May 2015

May 27, 2015       Joan Rand                                 Pastels

April 22, 2015      Marty Wolfe                            Oils, Acrylics and pastels

Mar 25,2015         Elaine Blossom Nichols     Oil

Feb 25,2015          Marlene Bonneville            Colored Pencil

Jan 28,2015    Ruth Little  Batik on paper w/colored pencil /watercolor

Dec 17, 2014    Party/Potluck    small item sale and $10 gift exchange

Nov 19 2014          Jane Breslin                      Creating Black
Oct 22,2014            Andre Licardi                    Pencil Drawing

 Sept 24,2014          Elaine Waters                   Values